Hall of Fame Pitcher John Smoltz joins Jim Cromer on Youth Baseball Talk

Episode 42, Part 2 of 2 – On part 2 of this episode host Jim Cromer talks to former MLB Pitcher John Smoltz about The ROPE, and his passion for helping younger players protect their arms while throwing. Jim also talks to Chris Verna from the Chris Verna Training Center about Perfect Pitch and The ROPE


Youth Baseball Talk’s Jim Cromer talks with The ROPE Trainer’s Earl Perrin

Episode 42, Part 1 of 2 – This week host Jim Cromer talks to The ROPE Trainer inventor Earl Perrin to discuss this new product that can help players learn to throw properly and reduce damage to the arm.


January 2016!!

MLB Hall of Famer John Smoltz will speak with trainer Chris Verna on the topic “Mitigation & Rehabilitation of Tommy John Surgery”. Hear how these Pros use The Rope Trainer™ for prevention and rehabilitation.






IMG_0510-300x225John Smoltz has been inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame and our rehab guru, Chris Verna, played a significant role in his success.







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