Richie-Lewis“My name is Richie Lewis, I played 18 years of professional baseball (Orioles, Marlins, Tigers, A’s, and Reds). I was also a pitching coach in the Los Angeles Dodgers organization. Before starting my pro career, I played 3 years at Florida State University, was a 3 time 1st team All American, and led the Seminoles to the College World Series twice, including an appearance in the 1986 College World Series Finals. In only three seasons (1985-87), I recorded 520 strikeouts in 392.2 innings. This not only remains a Seminole all-time record, but is also second all-time in the NCAA record book. I was inducted into the FSU Baseball Hall of Fame in 1995. After college, I was selected to join the USA Olympic Baseball Team, and then was drafted 44th overall in the 1987 MLB Draft by the Montreal Expos.

I’ve been playing, coaching, and teaching our wonderful game of baseball for many years and want to share my professional opinion about the ROPE Pitch & Throw Trainer. Here are some key advantages to using The ROPE Baseball Trainer:
1) warming up faster, getting loose quicker
2) working on mechanics
3) learning muscle memory
4) strength and conditioning
5) saving bullets, conserving lots of throws
6) preserving and maintaining overall health
7) saving up to 50 percent of the normal amount of throws to get to 100 percent velocity which over the course of a season is huge!

I have found that The ROPE Trainer gives players the opportunity to get in a lot more reps without ever having to release a ball. Baseball is a repetition sport, and without The ROPE, you can only execute a limited amount of throws. The Patented tether portion of The ROPE Trainer, which allows for both 2-seam and 4-seam grips, is also a great tool to aid in the developing of muscle memory (repeating a fundamentally sound mechanical pitching or throwing motion, without having to think about it. Muscle memory for everyone takes 21 days to gain and 21 days to lose.) The ROPE Trainer offers a unique way to strengthen and condition your arm specifically for throwingathletes. In baseball, from a health standpoint, hitters can hit as much as they want, fielders can field as much as they want, but a pitcher or thrower cannot if they are releasing a regular ball. But with The ROPE Trainer you can! During the off-season, or down time when your arm needs a rest but you don’t want to lose the muscle memory you’ve worked so hard to get…….with The ROPE Trainer now you can have your cake and eat it too. As a teacher, I have seen the results and success with this product from T-ballers to Major League players. Bottom line, from a player, coach or a teacher’s perspective- if you don’t have one of these, then you are cheating yourself and or your players and students. Get on board and get The ROPE!”

Richie Lewis