18 year MLB Pitcher, and 2nd All-Time NCAA Strikeouts leader Richie Lewis recommends, “saving your bullets.” Working without releasing the ball decreases wear and tear on your arm. Using The ROPE Trainer ™ as part of training makes it easier to focus mechanics, because you don’t have to focus on where the ball is going.

The ROPE Trainer ™ reinforces proper mechanics, without the pressure throwing a ball has on the elbow and shoulder. Practicing the proper sequence in a pitcher’s delivery is critical to pitching and throwing success. Developing and practicing a strong pitching delivery that can be repeated takes a lot of work to create the muscle memory for throwing. Some key benefits to using The ROPE Trainer™ to work on pitching mechanics include:

  • Working on good posture, balance, momentum, and arm extension
  • Reinforcing the entire throwing sequence, including grip and “snapping down” at the right time during the delivery
  • Allowing the throwing hand to get in position behind the head, at the right angle, prior to initiating trunk rotation, enabling pitchers to develop more momentum and force during the throwing motion
  • Performing quality repetitions of the entire pitching motion, including the important role of the body, which many coaches believe is a key factor in pitching velocity
  • Working on rotational power, including the timing of the pitcher’s trunk rotation, without the added stress of releasing the ball
  • Practicing proper form and proper timing to stay closed and rotating in the right sequence
  • The arm naturally speeds at the moment the ball is no longer being propelled by the arm (release point after acceleration), then decelerates. Logically, the arm would speed up once it’s no longer weighed down by the standard baseball. This rapid weight change from acceleration to deceleration could be a factor in injury rates related to throwing. The ROPE Trainer™ allows the players to hold the ball the entire time they are working on mechanics and muscle development.
  • Allowing pitchers to put the entire throwing sequence together with the right pitching mechanics to ensure the release point happens in the right spot