Baseball Rope Trainer™


Baseball Rope Trainer™

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The Baseball Rope Trainer™

  • The Rope Trainer™ uses an actual baseball to reinforce proper; grip, balance, arm extension and follow through.
  • Immediate tactile, auditory and physical feedback allows you to adjust your techniques at you train.
  • Adjustable tether & quick assembly.

The Baseball Rope Trainer™ includes:

  • regulation size baseball
    • predrilled tether insert holes for 2 seam & 4 seam grip positions
  • specialized tether attachment

Using The Baseball Rope Trainer™ safely:

  1. Hold baseball or softball in proper grip position, with tether attachment between index and middle fingers.
  2. Engage in throwing motion, HOLDING BALL AT ALL TIMES, as directed by coach or parent.
  3. Proper follow through is indicated when rope brushes against players back at end of throwing motion.
  4. NEVER HOLD The ROPE Trainer by rope/tether attachment or rope end. Trainer is ONLY intended for use when holding ball AT ALL TIMES.
  5. Ball should NEVER leave user’s grip for any reason. The ROPE Trainer should NEVER BE THROWN.
  6. The ROPE Trainer should be used under supervision of an adult.
  7. Improper use may result in accidental damage or injury- follow all instructions and safety guidelines. Use with adult supervision.

Directions for attaching the ball to the rope/tether attachment.

  1. Insert rope/tether attachment into user selected insert hole.
  2. Push rope/tether attachment toward center of ball while turning rope/tether attachment a ¼ turn to the right, locking the rope/tether attachment in place.
  3. Pull on the rope/tether to ensure it’s locked in position and doesn’t come loose.
  4. To remove rope/tether attachment from insert hole: Push in toward center of ball, ¼ turn left, and remove the rope/tether attachment from the ball.


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