bball_article_pitcherTHE ROPE Trainer™, by Perfect Pitch & Throw, Inc. of St. Petersburg, FL, has been designed for both baseball and softball to improve throwing confidence, velocity and accuracy while reducing fatigue and injury resulting from improper throwing mechanics. The combination of tactile, auditory and physical feedback allows players to adjust their pitching and throwing techniques as they train to prevent development of bad habits that, ultimately, result in fatigue and/or injury.

The Rope Trainer™ Advantages:

Transference of training drills to actual playing situations by incorporating game situation grips on an actual baseball or softball.

Conveniently adjustable tether assembly quickly adapts to work for players in general fielding positions and for pitchers who use more complex and varied grips.

1. Helps softball players to improve grip, develop stronger fielding motions and throwing speed and accuracy.

2. Can be used with or without a target as a warm up device and ensure proper extension.

3. Overcomes potential fatigue and injury that occurs when training without proper finger and grip orientation.

4. Reinforces balance, extension and follow-through.

5. Enhances throwing flexibility and range of motion.

THE ROPE Trainer is the result of 40 years of training, playing and coaching by its designers, Earl Perrin and Todd Boulanger, and the encouragement received from an orthopedic surgeon whose Sports Medicine practice is all too familiar with baseball and softball injuries.

Players’ 5 through high school age have enjoyed great success when using THE ROPE Trainer in their practice regimen. Reduced fatigue and injury have been the desired result but increased player confidence, accuracy and throwing speeds of 8-10 miles per hour have been recorded.

All proprietary components of the THE ROPE Trainer, by Perfect Pitch and Throw, Inc. are engineered, manufactured and assembled the United States. Perfect Pitch and Throw, Inc. is an American owned and operated company in St. Petersburg, FL.